What is Confined Space?

Our Confined Space Entry Monitor training certification is offered in both our permanent locations (Surrey and Kelowna) and we also offer private & mobile services for training.  The course is 8 hours in duration and a certification card will be issued upon completion.


The reason Confined Space Entry Monitor is required, is that CS Entry work by nature is extremely hazardous.  Workers are entering a partially enclosed or enclosed area, that can be difficult to enter or exit and is not designed for human occupancy.  In addition, it is likely that some type of harmful substance or process exists in the space.  Proper training, safe work practices, and safety/rescue equipment are needed to ensure workers are protected from such hazards.


Our instructor will teach workers about the definition of confined space, hazards, self-contained breathing apparatus, gas detection pumps, and paperwork such as permits, entry logs, locking out, inerting & use of tripods and self-retracting lifelines.


A variety of industries will require their workers to be exposed to a confined space.  An employer must ensure that a worker assigned to duties related to confined spaces have received this 8-hour course covering all aspects of confined space.


A list of jobs and industries where Confined Space Certification may be required:

  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Ship Building
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Wineries: could be exposed to vats, sewers, tunnels, large pipelines, boilers, double hulls, pumping stations, storage bins, pits, fuel tanks, grit & sludge presses, manholes, grape presses and crushers, fermentation tanks and vessels, water tanks, electrical valve utility meter & motor vaults.


These are to name a few.  Confined spaces are in a workplace and the workers are exposed to this confined space more often then they realize.


Know your job and the training you will need to keep you safe!  Safety is a life choice, not just a job!


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