Red Cross First Aid w/CPR-C & AED

Why is First Aid important?

First Aid training has many reasons for being so important. First, as our society ages and the “Baby Boomer” generation hits its peak, the need for medical care will increase historically. Second, it’s importance has grown especially now with all of the strange infections that are going around.


First Aid is usually meant for minor cuts and scrapes or refers to the first response to any kind of medical emergency. Administering first aid quickly and accurately in a traumatic injury situation can make all the difference when saving a life. You can never know when you may be called upon to act quickly in an emergency on your own behalf or someone else.


Incidents that involve unconscious persons are particularly difficult to deal with. Many people would scream, panic, and walk away and not involve themselves at the sight of an unconscious person. It is important to remember that the first few moments after an incident could be critical for the outcome of the casualty, so what you know and are able to do during this time can have a huge impact on the injured person.


Having the knowledge of the first aid techniques and CPR is a vital part in ensuring the safety and improving the chances of survival of any victim. It is a valuable tool for yourself but also looks great on a job application. ┬áIncreasing your chances of getting and keeping a job is a step in the right direction. Many times in your life you may have been faced with an emergency situation, whether camping, hiking, and long road trips that may have needed CPR or first aid skills. Obtaining a CPR and a First Aid certificate is a simple and inexpensive way to save someone’s life.


Pacific Rim Safety Training is currently offering the Red Cross Standard First Aid CPRC & AED. It is our intention to obtain approval from WCB to offer the Occupational First Aid course in the near future.


Check our event calendar for course dates on the OFA this Summer and Fall 2018.



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